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Our History

I have had the time to write these words
ruminating and revising
editing my truth
the very evidence of my privilege written in ink
the pigment of my skin securing me an extra word
but everyday
I read about a life i will never understand
damaged permanently
erased and forgotten
and I am speechless
but I can no longer hide on this page
this pen insufficient
for the rage I feel at the core
of a body that was regulated
raped the moment it began
to grow in my mother’s womb
forced to give birth
to blame and subjugation
because I should have fucking known better
than to open my legs and expect it all to be ok
these legs that carry us through
these legs that march
these legs that kick through every wall you build around us
and if I should be on one list I will be on them all
let my name be my oath
that we have not forgotten history
that you cannot eradicate
the Rosa Parks, the Harvey Milk, the Mahatma Gandhi, the Judith Heumann
and every other warrior running through our veins
yelling our declaration
you cannot outlaw our existence
and we are bigger
than the hands you use to sign us into a corner
we hold these truths to be self evident
and we will burn your house to the ground
and throw ourselves into the flames
so our children will know what it is to breathe without fear
so go ahead
smirk, sign, talk
celebrate your victories over a divided country
as we come together to write a new story
not of Muslims, queers, women, people of colour, or people with disabilities
but a culture of people
who are done letting someone else
edit our history


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These are the steps I come from

Beneath these streets
The roots of my family tree spread wide and deep
And on the breeze wafts the voice of my mother
These are the steps I come from
These are the woods
Where my father stood
And his father before that
Their hushed footfall echoes
In the rustling of the trees
Standing here
They are with me
These are the steps I come from
the walls, the life my family built
Where Grandad raised Hell
and Dad taught me how to be a better man
These are the steps I come from
And no matter how far I get
This will always be home
I will always find my way back

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I sit near a place
I once called home
a space once familiar
a walk once routine
the faces have changed
but the streets never do

Inhale nostalgia
Exhale who I used to be

she who was not quite me
in the summer the water will fall
like rain
right now in between
the sunshine
and the children laughing
there is no doubt
I am alone

never am I left
to decipher
on my own
this place near the church
I once called home

not the great unknown
though it once felt that way
when we snuck in to play
once the children had gone
and the moon hushed the day
just to swing in the starlight
til the moon walked away

but here
there is no moon
just a place
I once called home

I stand
walk away
I look towards a home
that seems so far away
and promise myself
not to stop

not til I’m home.

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