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Our History

I have had the time to write these words
ruminating and revising
editing my truth
the very evidence of my privilege written in ink
the pigment of my skin securing me an extra word
but everyday
I read about a life i will never understand
damaged permanently
erased and forgotten
and I am speechless
but I can no longer hide on this page
this pen insufficient
for the rage I feel at the core
of a body that was regulated
raped the moment it began
to grow in my mother’s womb
forced to give birth
to blame and subjugation
because I should have fucking known better
than to open my legs and expect it all to be ok
these legs that carry us through
these legs that march
these legs that kick through every wall you build around us
and if I should be on one list I will be on them all
let my name be my oath
that we have not forgotten history
that you cannot eradicate
the Rosa Parks, the Harvey Milk, the Mahatma Gandhi, the Judith Heumann
and every other warrior running through our veins
yelling our declaration
you cannot outlaw our existence
and we are bigger
than the hands you use to sign us into a corner
we hold these truths to be self evident
and we will burn your house to the ground
and throw ourselves into the flames
so our children will know what it is to breathe without fear
so go ahead
smirk, sign, talk
celebrate your victories over a divided country
as we come together to write a new story
not of Muslims, queers, women, people of colour, or people with disabilities
but a culture of people
who are done letting someone else
edit our history


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The Prey

this memory bank

is like a shark tank
full of every mistake I’ve ever made
every wrong word I’ve ever said
bleeding and raw
and it’s feeding time again
I’m submerged
I don’t have to open my eyes
I can feel them
circling, circling, circling
things get fuzzy
and though I am still cognizant
they morph
cyclopes and sirens
determined to devour me
but something else
the fool’s treasures I’ve clung to all my life
I begin to release them one by one
and they sink to the bottom
circling, circling, circling
I rise to the surface
and breathe for the first time in years
leaving the sharks to feed
on everything
that no longer weighs me down

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cut away a piece of me
read it like a diary
of everything I’ve lost
and all I never had
let it tell a story
of love
of war
of glory
of fears
of years spent praying
to anything but god
here I bleed
a crimson sea
where no more tears
you’ll get from me
a battle won
more violently
than all those lost
in self defeat
and as I rise
from numbing sleep
a fire burns
this piece you’ve cut
from which you scry
will not decide
the sum of me
my fate is not
this piece of meat
for I am so much more

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When did I start
allowing the world to defeat me
When did I agree
to neglect the god within
I am confident
I am capable
I am beautiful
I am a woman
I am a witch
I am divine power
If I cannot tear down the wall
I will climb over it
When my hands bleed
I will learn to fly
I am strong
I am growing
I am alive
I alone hold my key
and nothing can take that from me
The world is mine
I can feel it

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The deja vu
I never saw coming
my eyes open
like an explosion
broke a hole in
the hull in
which I keep my soul hid
and I bled
and bled
til nothing was left but blind faith
in love, life, and second chances
where seeing is not believing

love is.

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Brighid my Mother
nurture me
so that I may nurture and nourish
Brighid my Maiden
make me fertile, sensuous, feminine
so that I may know the power of my female form
Brighid my Crone
make me quiet
so that I may know the patience
to grow wise with time
Brighid my Blacksmith
forge me strong and true
so that I may stand tall and solid
Brighid my Poet
give me eloquence and a moon-graced tongue
so that my words may find their way
to open eyes, hearts, and minds
Brighid my Healer
wash me clean in health
so that I may touch and heal
myself, my land, my people
Brighid my Warrior
imbue me with courage and dignity
so that I may fight an honest fight
for respect, equality, and freedom
for all minds, hearts, souls, and bodies

Brighid my multifaceted star
no matter how cloudy the night sky
a spot of clarity
all sides combine
one bright one shines
to give me what I need
one woman, one heart, one soul, one mind
but with her on my side
I am so much more
every step a new door
to who I can be
because she makes it so
I can be free to be
who deep down I know
is the woman i have always been

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the sun returns

in all his brilliant glory

and kisses my face

it is a welcome courtship

that warms my heart

and makes me blush

the harsh season has matured him

spring will see him blossom

as the earth, I awaken from Winter’s drowsy chill

he gazes upon me

a generous lover

an indiscriminating embrace

a touch that energizes

a heat that replenishes

welcome back, my love

I greet you with open arms and joyous song!

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